Kevin Schaeken \ Multimedia Designer

Hi. My name is Kevin Schaeken. I'm a designer of just about anything but my main focus is print and web and how it encompasses marketing. Based in Ottawa, Canada I love walking around the city and seeing all the advertisements and judging what makes them work and sometimes what makes them flop.

I have lots of interests from teaching people the basics of computers to volunteering at the nearest school activity. I like a challenge and I dislike being bored. I can always find something productive to do.
Kevin Schaeken has been an invaluable resource. He was always willing to take on new challenges and ensured that all tasks were completed with precision and in a timely fashion. As Staff Advisor, I know I could always count on Kevin to get the job done. Kevin was eager to take on every task assigned to him, and oftentimes went well beyond the expectation. In addition to his regular duties, Kevin actively sought out opportunities to develop new, creative strategies. Kevin is a natural leader who recognizes what needs to be done and takes the initiative to complete it. He is able to delegate tasks to others, but always maintains a sense of respect for those who serve on his various committees.

- Jennifer Woodburn, Staff Advisor
Skills Software Services
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Premiere CC
Final Cut Pro
Identification - logos,cards,posters
Web - promotion, viral
Advertisments - flash banners, print
Presentations - slideshows and the like

Operating Systems
Mac & PC
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